Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions


So, you decided to try the procedure of lash extensions. All stages of weighing the pros and cons passed and the desire to become the owner of the long and thick eyelashes already and immediately won all doubts.

Probably, it is not necessary to remind you that the procedure of extension is better to be done only in quality beauty salon with a good reputation. This important to your eyes, and to your issue is best to leave to professionals.

“A good eyelash technician must have the knowledge to assess a client’s natural lashes. Length, thickness of lash, type of lash, durability of lash and of course the desired look the client wishes to achieve,” says Debra Sloane, managing director of Love Those Lashes

And now it has happened, you have become a happy owner of beautiful, long and fluffy eyelashes. But before you start enjoying your new look, do not forget to read the rules of care for extended lashes.

Beauticians tips will help you to prolong and maintain the fragile beauty of your new lashes, because it can be disrupted by one wrong touch.




After the procedure of the extensions within 24 hours, avoid any procedures involving direct contact with water. Also avoid high temperatures and their fluctuations. So the trip to the baths, sauna, solarium, etc. better to postpone a little bit.

Structure of extensions eyelashes is very fragile, so try to exclude mechanical contact with the lashes as much as possible. Do not rub your eyes with hands, touch the lashes soft and easy, not to damage their fragile structure and the glue.

Eyelashes can be damaged while you sleep, so now accustom yourself to a healthy sleep only on your back. Sleeping face into the pillow can greatly damage your extension beauty, since you will not be able to exclude rubbing of the eyes.

Washing procedures better to carry out by means of gel on a water basis, which do not contain an oily substance.

While you can wear mascara with your false lashes, it can shorten the life of extensions dramatically and it’s not recommended. Waterproof mascara is a virtual disaster for the product. “Waterproof mascara requires an oil-based make-up remover and will break down the glue very quickly.”


While you can wear mascara with your false lashes, it can shorten the life of extensions dramatically and it’s not recommended.


Visiting our favorite saunas and swimming in the salty sea will not be banned. But it is recommended to limit the temperature threshold to 80-90 degrees in the sauna and bath.

It is important to remember timely correction of extension eyelashes. Obviously it is easier to devote time to visit the master one time every three weeks to maintain the state of the eyelashes, they hurry to salon in a state that will be difficult to correct.

So guarantee of a long and happy life of extension eyelashes - is your care and accuracy, there is nothing of supercomplex)

What is better for your lashes?

Of course luxury immediate effect of extensions is worth such efforts, but what if you are not sure that you will be able to implement all the recommendations?

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It is perfect, when each of us can choose the method that fits optimally and give the desired effect.

Carefully choose the way to take care of your beauty, because the love of self, is the key to success in all your undertakings!

Be adorable always and under all circumstances! :)