How to apply mascara: Makeup Secrets


No secret, that beauty of eyes magnetically acts on the surrounding, especially gentlemen can not resist this magical power.

According to statistics, men consider eyes as the sexiest part of women appearance.

Mascara is our indispensable tool in creating stunning lashes. This magic wand is capable of performing miracles, and occupies an honorable place in the cosmetic bag of each woman.

How to achieve the maximum effect from the application of mascara to make lashes look perfect, as on the cover of magazines?

According to the opinion of makeup artists, effect of applying mascara, 50% depends on the quality of the product, so economizing on mascara is not recommended. But even using a mascara of high quality we can not achieve "wow effect" without the knowledge of certain rules and secrets.



Secret techniques of makeup artists in applying mascara

So, let's find out what are the nuances, that will help us to get the maximum effect and to save time for make-up procedure.

Let's start from the preparation of eyelashes. Before applying mascara makeup artists recommend to press the lashes to the eyelid for a few seconds. This simple method will allow your lashes to form the original curved shape, which the mascara will fix. It is also useful to powder areas under the eyes, as the structure of the oily creams sometimes contributes to smearing of mascara.

You need to pay maximum attention to the staining of roots. The largest amount of mascara must remain on the roots of the lashes, so mascara will carry out a role carcass and held in the desired shape of the eyelashes. With an excess of mascara on the tips of eyelashes, they will be heavy and will not be able to keep curved form.


The golden rule of makeup artists reads: apply mascara wiggling at the base of the eyelash and twirling upward and outward

The golden rule of makeup artists reads: apply mascara wiggling at the base of the eyelash and twirling upward and outward, lightly pressing down the tips to fix them bended.

To remove the clumps, run the brush over the top of the eyelashes, eyes should be closed previously. It will be useful to comb eyelashes after applying mascara, by that you prevent them bonding. For combing is better to use a special comb with metal teeth.

Select your glance: different effects from applying mascara

To maximize wide-open eyes effect, never forget to apply mascara on lower lashes. Apply the mascara with light strokes. Previously you can put a napkin under the eyelashes to provide accurate application.

To achieve the effect of the cat's eyes, you need to apply more mascara on the lashes in the outer corners. One way of applying mascara at the edges of the eyes is to blink on the brush with mascara.

If your goal is to achieve the effect of false eyelashes, apply a second coat of mascara, firstly pretreate first layer with crumbly powder. In pursuit of super-effect do not overdo it, the third layer of mascara can lead to the opposite result and gluing of eyelashes.