Care for lashes. The reasons of eyelashes loss and ways to restore eyelashes.


Long and thick eyelashes are always in trend, they attach to eyes a special depth and mysteriousness, and, let's be honest, without long eyelashes is impossible the fateful, sensual look, which gives us confidence and attract all men in a radius). Let's not forget the original main function of eyelashes - eye protection against natural negative factors.

What to do if you suddenly began to notice the warning signs from your eyelashes as an increase in loss or changes in the texture and length?

You should protect your eyelashes and take care of them, only then they would reciprocate, all as usual)

Let us start with the overall useful information, because the lashes have their phases of life, ways of strengthening and a lot of secret features.

The life cycle of eyelashes usually lasts 120-140 days, and is divided into 3 phases. First 30 days - the growth phase, during which the eyelash rapidly developes, then 15-20 days lasts the transition phase, and about 100 days the resting stage, followed by the end of life cycle of the lashes. To replace the old lashes come new lashes, so natural processes of loss are normal.

Why do eyelashes become sparse and begin to fall out more intensively? The life of our fragile eyelashes may overshadow both internal and external negative factors, which reduces the length of their life cycle and leads to premature eyelashes loss.



The reasons of eyelashes loss

One of the important factors affecting the health, respectively, the appearance of eyelashes is the quality of cosmetics, which they are affected by. "Hidden threat" can be located not only in the mascara, in the pursuit of beauty, we use a whole bunch of creams, gels under the eyes and other decorative cosmetic. Replacement of cosmetic products can actually improve the condition of lashes.

Invaluable advice of our grandmothers and decree of all cosmetologists of the world reads: wash off makeup for the night. Neglecting the procedure of makeup removing, you will spend more effort to restore the beauty in the future. A layer of makeup does not give the skin and eyelashes to breathe fully, leading to contamination and disrupts the natural work of the eyelashes follicle. To be beautiful and well-groomed every moment is very important and you need to choose carefully your cosmetics and monitor it’s application.

Why do we often forget that the root of the situation is always inside? Lack of vitamins and mineral elements leads to the weakening, breakage and loss of eyelashes. This means that our eyelashes need additional nutrition, they need valuable strengthening and nutritional elements that improves their condition from the inside.

Including in the diet of a sufficient amount of vitamins A, B and B2 You will not only improve the health of eyelashes, but also prolong youth of the whole body. Another indispensable tool in the care of the eyelashes is vitamin E, which in optimal proportions in the composition of cosmetic products is capable of performing miracles in the care of the eyelashes.

A variety of treatments, such as resistant coloring and permanent make-up, provide excellent immediate effect, in the case of the qualified work, but, unfortunately, not all of them are harmless to natural lashes. If your eyelashes are not in the perfect condition, you probably should not succumb to the temptation to do such procedures and, firstly, you need to strengthen your natural lashes.

Thick and long eyelashes, take care of their beauty

One of the new trends in cosmetology is cosmetic with caring and firming effect. Caring lines appear in the arsenal of many well-known brands and are increasingly popular. Now we can combine the two most important things to make ourselves perfect outside and run restorative processes on the cellular level.

An example of such an amazing combination is line of products for eyebrows and eyelashes Cherish Line. Eyelash conditioner Cherish Lash stimulates the growth of eyelashes and increases their density, while strengthening the lashes and make them healthier.

For us, modern women, whose life is planned minutely, means 2 in 1 are a real salvation and slowly but surely they take a place of honour in our beauty-arsenal.

I want to sum up with a trivial phrase, beauty begins with self-care. Following these simple rules you can save a beautiful look of eyelashes and even improve them.

Take care of yourself, love yourself and always be on top)

Care for lashes. The reasons of eyelashes loss and ways to restore eyelashes. Care for lashes. The reasons of eyelashes loss and ways to restore eyelashes.