Fashion eyebrows 2016


A variety of images from the latest fashion shows makes it clear that in 2016 we will have "carte blanche" for all kinds of beauty experiments and a wide field of activity. Designers presented many interesting and unexpected ideas, covering fashion trends of previous years, from chic innocent naturalness (Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors) to grotesque make up in the style of grunge (Fendi, Victoria Beckham).

The role of eyebrows shape is truly difficult to overestimate in determining the style, especially since the trend of previous years give eyebrows a major role in forming the image of beauty. Last year the fashionable ball confidently ruled wide, thick brows in the style of Cara Delevingne, whether they continue their triumphant march?


The role of eyebrows shape is truly difficult to overestimate in determining the style

The main fashion trends of 2016

The answer from the world's catwalks - monophonic and unambiguous "Yes." Thick, wide and expressive eyebrows were observed in almost all the models of fashion shows. In fashion all natural!

Let your tweezers rest in this year's first place in the care of eyebrows go to brush and styling wax for eyebrows. Fashion eyebrows 2016 are thick and well-groomed eyebrows.

A vivid examples are the the collections of Donna Karan, Boss, Christopher Kane, Chanel, Missoni, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs, that clearly and consistently demonstrate an accent on natural eyebrows.

To make your natural beauty really trendy, you need to pay special attention to the care of the eyebrows, brows should be smooth, healthy and uniform.

It is good that beauty industry provides diversity of the eyebrow cosmetic, which easily help to achieve the effect of natural fashion chic. Gels, mascara, pencils, eyebrow brush, it's all become a necessity in our arsenal.


It’s perfect, when cosmetic combines several functions, and some global brands represent such quality gels correctors. An example is the modeling gel for eyebrows by Revitalash.

Fashion eyebrows 2016 are thick, well-groomed and of natural shape, it's probably three basic trends for this year. Let”s jealous kindly to owners of thick and wide eyebrows by nature and let”s  make our brows perfect.

What to do if your eyebrows are not enough thick? How to achieve the coveted natural thickness?

Firstly, beauty always begins with health. The quality and form of eyebrows may depend on your diet, vitamin complexes have a positive impact  on a condition of eyebrows.


Secondly, do not forget about caring. You should comb eyebrows every day, thus cleansing the hair and helping to increase blood flow. For care you can use masks with natural oils, they have a positive effect on the general condition of eyebrows.


How to increase the thickness of eyebrows and give them the desired shape?

Recently industry of beauty delights us with excellent decision of a problem of rare and thin eyebrows. Several international brands present caring lines with conditioners for the growth of eyebrows.

Perfect conditioner for the growth of eyebrows performs several functions, firstly, increase the growth of eyebrows and make them much thicker, secondly, strengthens and care, and thirdly makes eyebrows more flexible and obedient.

An example of such an excellent combination is eyebrow conditioner Cherish Brow. Due to the innovative composition and unique formula it easily and quickly gives the eyebrows stunning, fashionable appearance, making them thick and well groomed.


Be beautiful and care for yourself, let 2016 bring you success, love and harmony!